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Title:                  Assistant to the Cathedral Gift Aid Coordinator

Designation:     Volunteer

Outline:     Gift Aid provides much needed additional revenue to the parish. To be able to benefit from this HMRC (the Government) initiative parishioners require to complete a Gift Aid Declaration (GAD). Many parishioners have already signed GAD’s and their donations are managed through the Finance Team. Sometimes GAD’d parishioners use the white “Occasional Envelopes” if they forget their pink envelopes, however, there are a number of other Mass attendees who are UK tax payers who utilise the white envelopes but who are not registered for Gift Aid in this parish. The information they provide on the envelopes is managed by the Gift Aid Coordinator. He/she is responsible for ensuring the following:


1)     The donor is GAD’d in the parish

2)     If not then they are to be contacted and encouraged to register as a St Mary’s Gift Aider.

3)     New people wishing to be registered as parishioners are noted and contact information added to the Parish database.


Contact must be made with non-parish GAD registered donors either by email or letter initially. Follow ups are required for those not responding, repeat donors, etc. 

Role:     Assist in the processing of Gift Aid Declarations, data recording of weekly “white envelopes”, respond to parishioners requests, send out GAD forms, manage new GAD’s, allocate Weekly Offertory “pink boxes”. Interface with the Cathedral Finance Officer and the Diocesan Finance Team.

Skills:     Administration experience with knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Outlook preferred. Able to work within a team and be flexible when required.

Attendance:     The role will require involvement for 2 days per week, one of which will be Monday. The other day could, if necessary, be a full day or two half days, to be agreed.

If you would like to apply for this position please send your CV to Peter Simpson

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