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Enquiries regarding Safeguarding at the Cathedral


Diocesan Safeguarding advice and materials:

Scottish Catholic Safeguarding Service advice and materials:


“In God's Image”

Volunteering to work in the Cathedral Parish Community is a wonderful expression of Christian commitment, and is essential to the running of our many and varied groups.
Some of this work involves working closely with children and young people, or with adults at risk, and imposes extra responsibilities on us all. 

Overall Responsibility 

The Cathedral Administrator, Fr. Keith Herrera and the Safeguarding Coordinators have joint responsibility for Safeguarding in the Cathedral Parish.

For volunteers there will normally be an informal interview and a job description presented and signed.

Disclosure Check
In law all who will be working with children and young people, or with adults at risk, are obliged to undertake disclosure beforehand .
In our parish this process is carried out by John Murray who has been approved by the Diocese to carry out the administrative work.  The volunteer will become a member of the PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) Scheme which replaces the old style Scottish Disclosure checks. 
There are two different memberships:-
1. for those working with children and young people
2. for those working with adults at risk
It is possible to belong to both of the above.
[For those who are already members because of other work or voluntary work, they will still have to register with John Murray so that their work in our parish community can be declared to the PVG authorities, a less-involved process]

Self-Declaration Form
This form will be completed and then handed to John Murray at the time of the PVG.

Personal Details (giving the names of two character referees)
This form will also be completed and then handed over at the time of the PVG.

Safeguarding Awareness-Raising
All volunteers are obliged to attend a two-hour session to learn about their safeguarding responsibilities.  This is usually led by the Safeguarding Coordinator and/or a Diocesan Training Officer.

Parish Copies
To learn more, view or download “In God's Image” go to