Diocesan Choir

Aberdeen Diocesan Choir

The Aberdeen Diocesan Choir seeks to serve the Roman Catholic Diocese of Aberdeen, Scotland, by providing high quality liturgical music from a wide repertoire of sacred choral music.

The enthusiasm and commitment of the choir, along with the support and encouragement of clergy and parishioners, ensures that the choir continues to be a vital force within the life of the Diocese.

Want to find out more? Feel free to contact one of us...

For new members - our recruitment officer, Donna Kincaid: recruitment@aberdeendiocesanchoir.org.uk 

or one of the following:

Musical Director, Dr. Roger B. Williams: musicaldirector@aberdeendiocesanchoir.org.uk 

Chairman, Chris Dyos: chairman@aberdeendiocesanchoir.org.uk 

Secretary, Peter Sims: secretary@aberdeendiocesanchoir.org.uk 

Website: http://www.aberdeendiocesanchoir.org.uk